Bold as Skinny Sbu

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This week there were many controversies surrounding a local young entrepreneur who had the audacity to tell a television host, and his expert guest, that he doesn’t need their advice and solutions – what he needs is “R5 Million to take his business to the next level”. Twitter, radio, television and just about every media platform was talking about this young man and his “attitude” problem.

For me, the question remains – what was his attitude before now? Was he nice, polite, teachable and well-behaved like everyone seems to suggest he should be? If the answer is yes, then what does that tell us about being “nice, teachable and well-behaved”? It tells me that being nice and polite got him to this point (of needing R5 Million to grow his business) but it sure is not going to get him to where he wants to be.

Einstein said that you can’t fix your problems with the same mindset that created them, what does this mean? For Mr Skinny Sbu Socks it means rattling some cages, getting yourself noticed, stepping outside of what everyone expects you to be and to do – because the same guy who ran and grew a business over five years is not going to be able to take the business to the next level. You’ve got to become a different animal – one who is not afraid of criticism, one who is bold, clear and unapologetic about what he / she wants.

Legendary sales guru, Grant Cardone, says that if you want to get noticed and grow your business, you must make peace with the haters – not everyone is going to like a cocky young man who says exactly what he wants, but there might be just enough who do like his attitude and energy. You cannot build a business trying to avoid offending anyone – look at Donal Trump. As hated as he is by millions of people, there are still those who love him and his success is based on supporters, not haters.

Skinny Sbu Socks has probably generated more media coverage with his supposedly “belligerent” attitude on screen than he has over the past fives years combined. I for one wish him every success because of his boldness and passion for his business – it will take him where he wants to go. Fear of judgement and criticism is the main reason more entrepreneurs don’t take a bold stand the way Sbu has. Quit letting fear determine what you do and who you become – step into a new bolder, braver and more successful you and go get your dream!

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